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How to choose the Most Profitable Survey Sites

Learn from my mistakes!

After signing up for loads of survey sites when I first started out years ago, I learned the hard way that not all surveys sites are worth the time and effort you put in. That is why I am writing this post to stop you from making the same mistakes. Some survey sites will put you into a survey funnel, when this happens you could end up adding lots of information only for you to be screened out. They then send you to another survey site and you could just go round in circles without actually earning anything for your time. None of the survey sites I have listed will do this.

You should never pay to join a survey site, all of the sites here are free to sign up to. Also be aware that some sites (none of the ones on this site) will sell your details and spam you. Another thing to be aware of is that some survey sites pay pennies for a long survey. I never do these type of survey, the reward is always shown before you attempt the survey so just skip any that are low paying.

Keep your survey sites profile up to date

It can be a bit of a pain to set up your profile but it is worth it as you will be sent more surveys and other earning opportunities. Also, remember to keep them updated. Companies are always looking for specific target groups and you may well fit. I try to update one survey company a day for a few weeks each year. You may think that sounds like a lot of work, but the rewards are most certainly worth it. In the last 3 days, I have made £50 from 3 different survey companies. There are times when you will get screened out, don’t get disheartened, the companies are looking for a specific audience.

Most of the high paying survey sites below offer a sign-up bonus and give me a small payment but only if you sign up via email. I have included my email here, so if you find my post useful I would appreciate it if you could send me an email, then I can send you the links to the sign-up offers.

Also, think about doing reviews for companies, not only do you get a free product, but you also get the opportunity to influence future products.

Here are my Top Earners

If you want the best paying survey site then Prolific Academic is the one for you. They only send you invites based on your profile and you never get screened out. I have made hundreds in just one month from this survey site alone. You can cash out from as little as £5.00 and you can get paid via paypal.

This is an awesome survey site that pay out higher than nearly all of the survey sites! They send you surveys that are relevant and interesting to you. They also regularly recruit for online communities which can add to your earnings each month. You can choose cash or vouchers as payment. The surveys are a really good length, on average around 5-10 minutes paying between 50p – £1.50. You can also withdraw from as little as £10. Sign up today and receive £3.

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You are rewarded with cash and surveys are usually for around £2. You need 50 points (£50) to withdraw. It is in one of my top spots because it pays well and usually has plenty of opportunities to earn. It can take some time to reach the threshold and surveys run out quickly once they have enough respondents.

You can earn £1 just for signing up today. This site are looking for information on everything from current affairs to football. The threshold for payment is quite high (£50), but it offers consistent surveys that pay between 50p- £3. I can usually cash out every 3 months doing a round 5 surveys per month. Surveys usually last between 10-30 minutes. 


Just for signing up you will be entered into a prize draw to win an ipad. They usually send surveys for about 10-30 minutes which pay between £1-£5 per survey. That’s £10 per hour! This site also tends to offer online community opportunities too. They pay in vouchers which I tend to save for Christmas.

Here you can share your views on just about everything from food to public transport. Surveys usually pay between 50-1000 points (1 point = 1p) so you can make £10.00 from just one survey. Most surveys last around 15 minutes and are interesting too. Once you reach £20 you can be paid via Paypal or Amazon vouchers.

Previously known as Mintvine, this company send out lots of surveys for a variety of rewards. I tend to be picky and only go for the higher paying ones. You can usually earn between 50p -£2 for surveys between 5-20 minutes long. They also have a daily mini poll which gets you 5 points, I do this every day for an extra 150 points per month. Cash out is available via paypal or vouchers. There is also an offer board offering more ways to earn.

This company don’t send out loads of surveys but they pay really well, you can earn a £1.00 per survey which usually lasts between 10-15 minutes. They offer payment by bank or donation to charity once you reach the £10 threshold. 

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This company offer regular short surveys that usually lead on to other earning opportunities. These can range from contacting insurance companies or taking part in online focus groups. I am still pretty new to this site but have been successfully paid out. I think this could become one of my new favourites. Payment threshold is £12 via paypal every month.


Top Survey Tips

  1. Sign up for a seperate email account just for surveys, this will make them easy to find and doesn’t clog up your existing email address.
  2. Tips to get the best surveys are to check every day. You can use an extension such as visualping which will notify you every time there is a new survey on a site. Its really easy to use, simply log in to the survey site and click the visualping icon in the extension bar. It will then notify you when any new surveys come up.
  3. My other top tip, is DON’T just do all of the surveys offered to you. Some will tend to offer you better surveys if you are picky and only choose decent paying survey sites. This is because the survey companies are relying on honest feedback, they would much rather you do a few surveys but compete them really well.
  4. Next is make sure you read the questions. Some survey sites have quality control checks during the surveys to make sure you are not just speeding through. Failing these checks can get you banned from some survey sites.
  5. My biggest tip is to try and set yourself a target each day, if you choose 3 surveys a day, it will add up to a good amount by the end of the month. It also doesn’t matter which survey sites you use, and if you feel like doing mor e when you reach your target then go for it! My target is higher, but I am aware of time constraints for some.
  6. Lastly I would add that you don’t have to lie to fit the criteria for surveys. For example, if you get screened out because yu are a homemaker, then tweak your job description. If you are reading my posts then you are obviously making money online or at least intend to. Select self employed as that’s what you are!

If you are still reading this I have one more tip, some of the survey sites allow me to refer you by email, they often offer rewards when you sign up via my emails so drop me a message here if you want me to refer you to a few more sites I use.

Remember, you won’t get rich overnight doing surveys, but the smaller earnings can help you get the bigger ones. For example, all of my matched betting money is earned through survey sites alone. It is amazing how much you can earn if you set a goal and stick to it.


Here at Bring in the bacon I use affiliate links. If you click through to a website and register, purchase or take up an offer, I will get a small  commission at no extra cost to you. I only endorse products I have tried and all opinions are my own.