Sell Your Toilet Roll Tubes For Cash!

Selling used toilet roll tubes can’t be right

You must think I am off my rocker right about now, but I kid you not, you can sell your used toilet roll innards for cash! Not just that but you can sell other rubbish you would recycle too like ring pulls, milk bottle tops, old jars and a few other items. Now I am not going to take credit for this gem of information, I actually came across it a while ago on MSE but thought you would like to know about it too. Of course you want to rush out and grab all of that recycling loot before the bin man/woman calls, so you’d better be quick!

I decided to write about the trash to treasure selling today because my ever helpful husband found my plastic tub of ring pulls I had been saving for months and threw them in the recycling. Not to worry I can just go and retrieve them (yes I was actually thinking this) but noooo, the collection was yesterday! Now I know it’s petty and I shouldn’t really care as I had not told him my master plan to make us rich from rubbish, but I sulked all day. Why on earth did he think I had a plastic cup filled with snapped off ring pulls, if I didn’t have a plan. I also wanted to share with you how I sold these items but that has gone out of the window and I can’t bare waiting another 4 months to get another collection going. So I am just going to pull up my big girl pants and get on as best as I can without my experiences in this bizarre market.

People really do want your recycling

Why would any one want my old rubbish? Well you will be amazed at some of the uses people can find for toilet roll tubes, check out Pinterest for a start. Great if you have a creche or children’s group. Jars are more useful, they can be used as candle holders, sweet jars for weddings and general storage. Normally the quirkier a jar the better. Milk bottle tops are generally useful in craft too. But my biggest award must go to the ring pulls, they can make some incredibly beautiful items of jewellery. In fact at first glance you would have no idea that they once lived as a ring pull.

Selling is pretty straight forward

You don’t need to go to go door to door knocking to sell your stinky old rubbish, auction sites are the way to go. There are some listings on Ebay for the items I have mentioned and if you check out the sold listings you will find lot’s of information on price and quantity needed to sell. If you don’t like all of the fees for Ebay and Paypal, then Gumtree is also an option, or even Facebook. As you will be able to see on Ebay thousands of listings of toilet roll tubes, ring pulls, milk bottle tops and jars have sold. So there is definitely a market out there.

Tell me more

Well the first point I would like to make is that you do need quite large quantities of each item before you can sell. If like me you don’t have the spare space or just don’t like the thought of weeks old rubbish cluttering up your living space, then this opportunity is not for you. Secondly, any of the items you do sell must be clean and not misshapen or crumpled. Finally, they should also be packaged really well. Toilet roll tubes are really light and you can get approximately 500 in a good size box. Ring pulls, and milk bottle tops just need to be bubble wrapped and are fairly light to post. Jars however, are a lot trickier. I did sell a group of jars I had used for my wedding sweet buffet. The jars were saved from Douwe Egberts coffee, I bought them when they went to half price at Tesco and used a £5.00 off £50.00 spend too. We had mounds of coffee for months! To be honest though, I have now become a log time customer of Douwe Egberts as I really do love their coffee. I’m still saving the jars too. Will sell when I have about 15 or 20.I printed off some labels using some I had been sent free and then tied some ribbon around them. They looked gorgeous and everyone commented on them. When I sold them on I did select collection only and they sold for about £25.00 excluding fees, which I was more than happy with.

This was just one of the tricks I used to keep my wedding budget of £2500.00 in check. I will write a whole post on this later. The wedding was held in a castle and the £2500.00 budget included everything!

I will be rich in 6 months!

Hold your horses, slow down. Maybe not using this method of earning, it really will be to just add to your savings, or spending money. I just think this is a novel way to deal with our ever increasing recycling problem. If someone else can make beautiful art out of toilet role tubes or bespoke jewellery out of tin can ring pulls, then hats off to them.  I wish I had the imagination to do just that, but I am kind of  ‘want to see immediate results’ person, and this is just too long a process for me (especially without the space) but I hope you find it useful. If you don’t fancy digging through your rubbish, or can’t wait to collect enough to sell, ask friends and family for their recycling too. Once you get then past the initial shock, I am sure they will be more than happy to help. Or you could ask your boss if it is OK to collect all of the used toilet roll tubes from work. I am not responsible for any reactions your friends, family boss or co-workers have, so please don’t try and sue me.

I’m still interested

Check out this comparison table on MSE  to see more detailed information on how much the items have sold for, in what quantities. Also check out Ebay yourself for items that have sold. You can get to see some the amazing jewellery people have created. Etsy is also great for inspiration, as is Pinterest. I would love to hear from you if you already make fabulous items from rubbish or if you have any questions or comments just drop them below. Good luck on your trash to treasure journey.

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