My Journey to Financial Freedom With Cryptocurrency


What the heck is Cryptocurrency?

This is the part where I explain all about what crptocurrency is and why you should be investing. Well, a first for me, I don’t actually know. After a recommendation from a friend who was raving about it, I invested in litecoin a few weeks ago and have just been watching it build profit without me doing anything. I thought this was a super easy way to make money, so I was intrigued to find out more.

How my LiteCoin BOT performed over the past 16 days

I will show you how my LiteCoin BOT got on in just 16 days, even I was impressed. Only really tried it thanks to some advice from a friend, but I am so glad I did. It has opened my eyes to a new earning opportunity. The more different avenues I use the easier the earning will be. Remember I just did this on advice, didn’t do any research (not recommended) and invested just £13.00. Here is how my earnings are moving along and where I am today. From today onward I will posting a diary blog post. I am also going to be investing in another bot called the Eth Bot.

Investing in lite bot

As you can see in just 16 days I am 40% of the way to being able to reinvest and buy another litebot.

Stop, Rewind, You've Lost Me

Ok, so let me go back to the beginning. I was recommended trying the LiteCoin BOT from a good friend who knows how mad I am about earning a full time income online. At first I wasn’t too sure but thought, hey, why not. So I opened an account with Coinbase, bought myself my first investment of 0.1 LTC or Lite Coin as they are known, joined the Telegraph Group to be part of the up team and waited to see how I got on. Below is a video I found to explain what Lite Coins are.

So now yo know a lot more than I did when I started just 16 days ago. But that’s OK because I want to share the journey with you and show you how I really got on. No exaggeration or selling just the truth. Of course I would love it if you joined me at the same time, simply click any of the highlighted links. Don’t forget to tell me you have joined and I can then add you to the private FB pages I am a member of. You only get to join if you are part of my team, so please don’t message to be added any other way.

I’m Ready To Join You On A Journey To Financial Freedom

Great, let’s get started, firstly click on my FB social link to join my page alternatively email me at I will give you all of the information you need step by step.

It is really as easy as buying a LTC from Coinbase and then depositing it onto your LiteCoin Bot. If I can do it with absolutely no experience, you can too.