Matched betting with Profit Accumulator


Matched betting is highly profitable. I know people to make tens of thousands of pounds with only a £100 to start! It is tax free and there is NO risk if you follow the instructions. On a weekend the profit can be even more as there are more events to cover. Its up to you how much you earn, the more time you put in the more profit you will make.

So what is Matched Betting? It’s basically covering all aspects of an event and making the most of the promotions, including free bets and reloads. When you first sign up to a bookmaker they offer free bets and this is how you take advantage. You place a bet for a team to win on bookmaker site A, then you go to bookmaker B and you place a lay bet for the same team. A lay bet simply means you are betting on the team to lose. This means you are covering all bases.

There is a fantastic site Profit Accumulator that guides you through each step of setting up your first bets, which can net you £45.00, no fee or credit card details needed. On the site you will find videos for each step that show you exactly what to do so you don’t make a mistake. Sam is really great at explaining how the system works so I recommend you watch the videos. They also have a fantastic customer support team who are really helpful.

If you like what you see then there is also the option to sign up for a Platinum plan monthly, which will mean you are kept up to date with offers at over a 100 bookmakers including free bets and reloads. They also have a fantastic forum you can access if you upgrade as well as a number of tools to help you work out the best bets for your money.

The Platinum plan is £17.99 per month (no minimum contract) but you will make far more than that in your first month. Profit Accumulator are so confident that you will make a profit in the first month, that they have a 30 day money-back guarantee if you don’t. So you really have nothing lose!

It sounds very complicated but believe me it is much easier and exciting than I thought it would be. I had never made a bet in my life prior to learning about matched betting and did not know where to start. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or an expert there are always offers every single day. My advice is to check and then check again before placing your bets. It could be costly if you lay or bet on the wrong site.

*Let me end with a warning that winnings are dependent on you following instructions exactly-you do so at your own risk.