A Hairdryer That Adds Oils To Your Hair!

I was lucky enough to be chosen by REVIEW.DIRECTORY to review the Ubuntu Oils Super Juicy Hairdryer by Lee Stafford.

Wow, I love this hairdryer, it is just so light and easy to handle. Lee Stafford’s tagline for this product is ‘Have fun, Look wicked, turn it on’ which fits the brand perfectly. It is a shocking pink and lime and looks really cool.

The grille is infused with Ubuntu oils from Africa. It also has a range of settings, the cool shot is great for finishing the style (you need to keep your finger on the button for this to work) and you can select from 3 heat settings, I don’t like to use it on full heat so this is ideal.

It also has 2 speed settings. It has a huge 2300w motor and the grille can be removed on the back. This is another great feature as long hair can get caught up in this part of any hairdryer, so being removable is great for keeping it hair and dust free.

It also comes with a concentrator nozzle to help you achieve the look you want. It also has a very lengthy 2 metre cord so I can use it without stretching the cord. You can also hang the hairdryer from the loop, I think this is probably more for salons, I don’t have anywhere to hang it.

There are also products containing Ubuntu oils which you can purchase separately. It comes with a fantastic 2 year guarantee, so for the price I think this is a must buy item. Looking forward to trying it together with the other hair products from the range, I love Lee Stafford products anyway.

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