Day 35 of Crypto Journey!

Day 35 of my Crypto Journey

Progress So far!

How Am I getting On In the Crazy World of Crypto

Well it has been a kind of crazy 35 days. i have learned so much more about how its possible to mae hug returns from crypto currency if you know what yoou are doing. I would like to share with you my experiences with iCentre so far. Wow, wow, wow.!! I have invested approximately £150 of my survey earnings into 3 little bots which are earning me money, while I do nothing apart from watch it grow. I was sceptical at first, sounds to good to be true, right?? 

Earn 1.4% per Day, Every Day

Now that I understand it a bit better, although I am no expert , I will share my experience so far. Firstly, you need to download Telegram app on your phone so that you can join a group of like minded people all earning money too. Next you sign up to Coinbase and deposit however much you would like to invest in the iCentre bots. Finally move it to your bot, simple!

There are 3 bots and I am invested in all 3! There is Litecoin Bot, Eth Bot and Bitcoin Bot. Each earningyou money every 6 hours! iCentre is a huge company that has stood the test of time and is making thousands of customers profit every single day.

How Do I earn?

Easy, just invest in Bots, thats it. You dont need to know anything about Crypto and you don’t need to do anything with them apart from watch the interest get applied every 6 hours. At a rate of between 1.3-1.4 every cycle, you WILL NOT get that in any bank.

I have reinvested 3 times on the Litecoin Bot and I am nearly at the 4th reinvest. Here are my screenshots from today!

LTC 18.04

Now, don’t be scared off by all the numbers, it’s actually really easy to find out how much your investment is worth. If you go to yoou can see the current price for each of the coins. Litecoin is approxiamtely £139 each at the moment, I have 2.26 LTC that my bot has earned which means just on the LTC Bot I have doubled my money. Plus I have investments in the other 2. It is totally transparent no hidded fees and you can withdraw as soon as you earn 0.05 coins on the LTC bot. I would say that for 35 days mmy bots are looking good.

Do Your Own Research

I would NOT recommend anybody do the method I did, jump staright in and see what happens, always do your own research. I am quite tolerant towards taking risks if it means I might earn some money. Because I am using money I made from surveys, I am just using one pot to grow the other. Check out my surveys post if you haven’t already for a list of quality survey companies.

I am not a financial advisor and only report how I have personally found each experience. But researching thoroughly is highly recommended before you embark on any kind of new financial journey. I will be writing a follow up to my crypto journey in another months time, lets see how big my bots can grow my investment!

I found this video really informative, if you do decide to start on the crypto journey, please let me know how you get on.