The simple answer is YES! However I would not recommend reviewing products if you have no intention of using the product or you do not wish to write at length about the product. After all the companies who are offering products for you to review are looking for honest feedback on the item. This can include writing a review on Amazon or Social Media. I only ever accept items to review if I know I will genuinely use the item and if I need it. Why accept the item if you don’t need it when someone else could use it.

The sites I will list are all trusted sites and are absolutely free to join. Not all of the items I review are free, some may charge a small fee but it will be 90% – 95% off the RRP before I will accept the item. If you come across any sites that try to charge you a joining fee, please avoid. Genuine review sites will never charge to join.

In the last month alone I have been lucky enough to review products worth hundreds of pounds, again only items I knew I would use and could give an honest review. I have been given these opportunities by survey companies, review sites and companies who appreciate my writing style and feedback. I have been doing reviews for a few years and I have to say that the longer you are with a specific company the better products you will get to review. Videos on Youtube and other video sites are a massive bonus for companies, however I have not dipped my toe into this market yet, as I am somewhat camera shy. Obviously you don’t have to use videos as a means to review as I have manged fine without it. Definitely something for me to aim towards though.

The sites I use to review products are:

SavvyCircle  Here you can test loads of products from the P&G company. I joined Supersavvy about 5 years ago and have had a wide range of products to review from them including a laser hair removal device, electric toothbrush, soap powder and many more. It really is a great site with a good community, so worth joining anyway even if you don’t want to review products. They also offer a wide range of vouchers for everyday items. You can join here.

Vipon Formally known as AMZ Review Trader. This site offers items to review for free, you just request the item and will receive a deal request containing discount code to purchase items on Amazon. I don’t use many of the free items, but I do look around and frequently find items for 90%-95% off. These are normally mid-level priced items and it is a great saving if it is something you need anyway. Again I have been with this company for a number of years. I have reviewed items from mobile phones, beauty items, household items, electrical items, gadgets and more. They have an extensive range of items to choose from and you don’t have to leave a review, but as I am receiving the item at a heavily discounted price I feel that it is only fair to leave my honest feedback. Join here.

Wish I am pretty new to this site but really like the massive range of items to be purchased. You don’t need to request the item, just click add to basket and off you go. The items do take a little while to come as most arrive from other countries. I have ordered rugs, fidget spinners, household and garden and beauty items. All have been to a great standard and worth the wait. The items I order are all 90%-95% off RRP. Find them here.

Senses-Club Formerly known as Guivadin, is a company in France who send a range of products for you to review. These are mainly laundry detergent, softener, household cleaners and air fresheners. Gone are the days when you would receive a bottle of high end perfume for your efforts over the year (something to do with import licenses), but I am still an active member of this site. I have received a bottle of laundry liquid through the post today, I will use it for a week in place of my regular detergent and then fill in a quick survey about my experiences of the product. Just had a smell and it smells lovely. You don’t get to know what the product is and it comes in a clear bottle with a code on. I have never had any sort of reaction to the products and can verify that the items are from the high value range. There is also the opportunity to earn money by joining online communities from time to time. I have received £50.00 from Senses as well as free products to try. Email me for a referral here.

There are many other review sites you can use, but these are my top 4 sites to review products in 2017. This may change and if it does I will be sure to update the post.