Matched betting month 1

£400 in 14 days with matched betting!

14 days and I made £400 profit!

Unbelievable right? Absolutely not, I have made just over £400 with matched betting. Trying Profit Maximiser has been the best decision I have ever made. I am so sure I am going to continue making even more profit, I have bought the bigger product Betting Mastermind.

There has never been a better time to try matched betting. I have an exclusive offer for my readers, keep reading to find out more.

Tell me more

I was sceptical about matched betting at first, in fact, I was pretty sure I was going to try it, realise it was a scam and never go back to it. How wrong I was. It is the best way I know to supplement my income each month and it is totally tax-free. You won’t get that with any other job. 

With matched betting, I spend an hour or two a day and then sit back while the matches take place. After trying it, I can honestly say it really is as easy as it sounds. It is important to point out that matched bet is NOT gambling. Get yourself in the right mindset, you are not risking your money if because you are covering all of the bases with the matched betting system and are guaranteed a risk-free profit.

So how did I do it? Well firstly, you need to know what matched betting is. Online bookies love to attract people by offering free bets and bonuses. The trick is to exploit these free bets to make a risk free profit. There is a loophole that allows punters (that’s us) to place bets at both a bookie and an exchange, this is known as matched betting.

Getting started

About a year or so ago I purchased Bonus Bagging. I found it all a bit daunting at first. I remember some advice Mike had given in the video about not procrastinating and just do it. So I did. I thought that the worst that would happen was I would make a small loss. Up to now, I have not made a single loss! There are some fantastic training videos which really helped me learn how to exploit the loopholes and bonuses. I thoroughly recommend watching them and making notes as you go. But the only way you will learn is from experience. Get the first bet out of the way and you will soon be on a roll.

How did I get on?

To be really honest the first time I placed a bet, it was really hard going. All of the numbers kind of put me off and I took a step back. This led to me taking the £120 profit I had made and just leaving it at that. Fast forward a year later and I had the matched betting bug again. This time I was determined to give it a proper go. I proceeded to rewatch the videos and place one bet a day, then gradually build up to five a day as my confidence grew. I persevered and after I had completed a few matched bets, I found I could do them surprisingly quickly. The whole process literally only takes a few minutes of effort. If you have more time available you will be able to make a much higher income and it is totally legal.

How does it work?

Step 1 – I simply requested a qualifying bet for a new bookmaker on the Bonus Bagging website. The Bonus Bagging team then send a bet within 3 minutes for me to place. I place a bet at the bookmaker, then lay the bet at the exchange. This incurs a small loss BUT I got a free bet to use. This is where I made the real profit.
Step 2 – I go back to Bonus Bagging and request a free bet for the bookmaker, again sent within minutes. I place a bet at the bookmaker and a second bet at the exchange (just the same as in the first step). This gives me a guaranteed risk-free profit. I have placed dozens of bets now and can do it easily within a few minutes.

Some of the posts on Mikes site

1) A £597,136.92 win from a 20p spin!! 

2) £205,250.00 win from the Jackpot Joy new account offer

Now its your turn!

I said I had an offer to share earlier, and boy is it a good one. Mike has given me an exclusive link for my readers. You can Profit Maximiser for 14 days for just £1. Yes, you read that right just £1. This is only available if you use the link I have included and won’t be around for very long.

You will get access to a whole range of training, including how to use the casino and bingo loopholes. You also get access to a secret Facebook page. I absolutely love the FB group. Everyone is so friendly and really do help you out. If you do sign up you will be able to see some of the questions I have asked and how the members have responded with really helpful answers. It has a proper little community feel. This is also where Mike hangs out. I have asked him questions about offers before and he personally responded.

With Cheltenham Festival just around the corner, there has never been a better time to dip into matched betting. I am endorsing this as a product I have tried and tested with a proven and achievable income every month. The first few sign up offers are amazing and you will make at least £100 just from them.

Obviously, you need some of pot to start with. When I first tried matched betting I only had £50 so I was limited to the number of offers I could take. It is possible though I have read about people starting small and in a year having a pot with tens of thousands of pounds. This time I started with £350 and feel confident I will make over £800 in my first month. You can read my other post for more information too.

What happens when I have used all of the sign up offers?

Once you have completed all of the sign-up offers, don’t worry, there are still loads of ways to earn money every single day. This is when you will want to progress further, sign up to Betting Mastermind. This is the ‘big daddy’ of matched betting! It is the best product I have ever seen. There is access to so many ways to accelerate your profit. It covers everything from matched betting and casinos to arbitrage betting and dutching.

In my personal offers sent to me today, there are 35 no risk or low risk offers to take advantage of. So many I am not even trying to do them all yet, but I have plans to do every available offer in the future. I also get daily offers to my email from bookies offering me bonuses and reloads. I try to take advantage f as many of these as possible. They are low risk and usually have low wagering requirements.

There also a fantastic video called ‘project prosperity’ on Betting Mastermind where Mike literally hands you a plan to make £50000 pounds a year! It sounds insane, but after having such a positive first few weeks, I am going to aim big and set myself a goal of at least £20000 in a year.

In conclusion, if you want to try a risk-free earning opportunity, now is the time. Take up my exclusive offer of a trial with Profit Maximiser for 14 days. If you don’t like it you have not really lost anything. However, I am sure that will not be the case and you will become as amazed at the earning potential as I am. Why would you not want a guaranteed risk-free profit for a few minutes work each day?

Get the 14 day trial of Profit Maximiser here. Remember this is exclusive to my readers and won’t last forever.

This is not gambling, it is not illegal and you do not pay taxes on any profits from casinos or bookies here in the UK.

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